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It's Above Us Now, LITERALLY!

Updated: Aug 1, 2020

Reparations for Foundational Black Americans Are Non-Negotiable

A candid, fiery and passionate look into the thoughts and hearts of many American Descendants of Slaves (ADOS) as they sojourn towards a definitive plan to obtaining long overdue reparations from the United State government.

We Are Beyond Disgusted and Tired of THIS "Flavor!"

Black Wall Street... Rosewood... Emitt Till...

George Floyd... Breonna Taylor...

OKAY SO... “Dear Karen, Donald, Amy, Connie, Mitch, Roger, Becky & All The Rest of Y’all,

You say black people are “NEVER SATISFIED” with your attempts to make things right, and that could not be more CORRECT! We are NOT SATISFIED because WE CLEARLY ARTICULATE what it is that WE NEED, DESERVE and DESIRE in order to be made as whole as possible, and you keep giving us what YOU deem acceptable recompense, and that is usually some token BS that eases your guilt and preserves your power and serves your narrative.

Black Wall Street... Rosewood... Emitt Till... George Floyd... Breonna Taylor... To be CLEAR, you ARE right! We don’t give a damn about the Negro National Anthem being played before each NFL game, we also don’t care about the use of the term “master” being removed before bath/ bedroom from real estate write ups, we really don’t give damn about you “donating” to various organizations or initiatives that are created or governed by “people of color”, feminist women’s organizations or LGBTQIA orgs that have thrown their unrelated causes and agendas into our pot of reparations demands, and have commandeered most of the funding ensuring that it will never make into the black community where it belongs!

Last but certainly not least, we really don’t give a whole entire damn about you getting on your knees to beg for our forgiveness in an attempt to ease YOUR consciences about the atrocities that you have committed and are currently committing against black people.

Keep your token distractions and RUN US OUR MONEY, LAND and FREEDOM FOR REAL! We are not impressed with the Emanicaption Proclomation, amended Constitution, Voting Rights Act, Affirmative Action or Brown vs Board of Education ruling, because TO THIS DAY you do not honor ANY of their directives- or perhaps you do since you’re the architects that created them ALL without the help of one single BLACK PERSON’S constructive input.

We are passed the whole entire 40 acres, a mule and $25.00 (everyone always forgets the $25 bucks), because we know based on the constant breach of treaty with the Native Americans, that you are SHAMELESS truce and covenant breakers, who devise agreements with the intent of NEVER honoring them. We are tired and over it, and this is why we are SITTING ON READY for whatever evil, diabolical, insidious machinations you are currently devising!

You have the unmitigated gall to tell us what WE should be grateful and thankful for, when we have repeatedly extended you OLIVE BRANCHES only to be repaid with POISON IVY! You then have the nerve to cower and cry in offense in your usual pusillanimous posture, when we speak TRUTH to you through the passion of our pain and experience!!!

Check this out, IT’S ABOVE US NOW... LITERALLY!!! At this point, we are steadfastly relying on the SWIFT JUSTICE of our God to vindicate, prosper, protect, restore and provide recompense for the satanic and vile deeds that you have committed against black people ALL OVER THE EARTH, from the days of Noah until now!

It is clear that just as Cain, all you understand is WAR. It is evident that PEACE is not innate to you on ANY level, and though many of you choose to hide behind the carefully curated, proof text scriptures of the Bible that you have cherry-picked to justify your wickedness, WE SEE YOU and SO DOES OUR GOD! Your agendas and your actions are incongruous with the written word of God, and are quite frankly blasphemous. Everything you touch you PILLAGE and DESTROY, and then claim superiority as your trophy.

In conclusion, I will leave this instruction with you. The next time you come up with a NON-FINANCIAL gesture to extend to black people, DON’T!!! To quote Angela Rye, “WE BUILT THIS JOINT FOR FREE!”, and to that statement I add... “AND WE WANT OUR MONEY! PERIOD!”

We don’t care about your WHITE TEARS anymore than you care about our melanin or shed blood. We are not passive like many of our ancestors were beat into submission, WE ARE DIFFERENT and you can GET THIS WORK from the Senate to Congress, and from the White House to the Supreme Court! The Tangerine Terror got y’all feeling real comfortable because y’all don’t know that the REAL REVOLUTION IS NOT BEING TELEVISED, but what you better know is that it IS going down.

May God judge you all righteously according to your deeds and not His mercies, because you are stiff necked, proud and unrepentant! The kingdom of Heaven is at hand, and we shall be REDEEMED!”

© ~Angel OJ Holcomb, Ph.D. New York City, New York July 3, 2020 #reparations #tokens #enoughpacifications #ADOS #americandescendantsofslaves

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